MY IP HQ – IP Address and DNS Tool Set

Need to know your external/public IP address?  Maybe you need to know the MX or SPF records for a domain?  We’ve got you covered. Introducing: My IP HQ – IP & DNS Tool Set.

Featuring the following tools:

  • IP/Get A Record – Lookup A records for a domain name
  • IPV6/Get AAAA Record – Lookup for IPV6 AAAA records
  • MX – Research mail exchanger (MX) DNS records.
  • SPF/TXT – Research authorized email domains
  • DMARC – Email policies record lookup
  • Blacklist Checker – See if your domain is on an RBL blacklist
  • WHOIS – Get WHOIS information about a domain name.
  • Port Check – See if a port is open or closed
  • Hinfo – Hardware information of the server
  • Simple DNS – Query all records for a domain name
  • Reverse DNS – Find a hostname by providing an IP Address.


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