Modern Banking Account for Freelancers and Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you need financial tools that work as hard as you do. Traditional business bank accounts often come with rigid structures, high fees, and outdated technology that can slow you down. The Novo business debit card is different. It’s designed specifically for the modern business owner who craves flexibility, cost-efficiency, and seamless integration with digital tools. Whether you’re juggling multiple projects, working on-the-go, or scaling your startup, Novo empowers you to manage your finances with the same agility and innovation you bring to your work.

Business Debit by Novo

Novo Business Debit Card Benefits:

  • No hidden fees or minimum balance requirements
  • Seamless integration with popular business tools
  • Cash back rewards on eligible purchases
  • Easy expense tracking and categorization
  • Access to thousands of fee-free ATMs nationwide
  • Virtual card option for secure online transactions
  • Real-time transaction notifications
  • Budgeting tools to manage cash flow effectively

Take control of your business finances today. Create your Novo account now and unlock a world of financial flexibility and savings for your company.

And if you’re looking to pair that with a personal debit card account, we highly suggest Chime

As a freelancer, your finances can be as unpredictable as your work schedule. Traditional banks often fail to accommodate the unique needs of independent professionals, leaving you vulnerable to fees and inflexible services. Enter the Chime Visa Debit Card – a financial tool designed with freelancers in mind. From covering unexpected expenses with SpotMe to automatically building your savings between gigs, Chime offers the flexibility and features you need to thrive in the gig economy. It’s time for banking that keeps pace with your dynamic lifestyle.

Chime Visa Debit Card for Freelancers:

  • SpotMe: Up to $200 overdraft coverage for unpredictable income periods
  • No fees: Keep more of your hard-earned money
  • Automatic Savings: Painlessly build your emergency fund
  • Early direct deposit: Get paid up to 2 days faster
  • Mobile-first: Manage finances on-the-go between projects
  • Free ATM network: Easy cash access nationwide

Take charge of your freelance finances. Open your Chime account today and enjoy banking that fits your independent lifestyle. Sign Up for your Chime Debit Card account today!

Chime Debit